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Understanding these rules will help players and coaches avoid penalties associated with improperly calling time outs.

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Teams may use these time outs at any point during the game. For instance, a team may use all its time outs in the first quarter, or save all of its time outs for the last two minutes of the game. If overtime is played, teams are awarded an extra full time out in addition to any time outs left over from regulation play.

Not just any player may call time out, and coaches may not call time out at any time during the game. To be able to call time out while the ball is live, a player must be in possession of the basketball.

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When the ball is live, coaches may only call a time out when their team is in possession of the ball. When the ball is dead, any player or coach may call a time out. If a player or coach calls a time out when a team does not have any left, that team is charged with a technical foul.

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Teams may make necessary substitutions during time outs. However, players must report to the table 15 seconds before the end of the time out. The official timer is responsible for sounding a warning signal at the second mark before the end of the time out. If any substituting players have not reported to the table by that point, they must wait until the clock starts and stops following the time out to substitute into the game.

All the necessary steps done before the connection is considered complete have to be completed within the given time frame.

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Failing to connect within the given time will cause curl to exit with a timeout exit code The given maximum connect time can be specified with a decimal precision; 0. Having a fixed maximum time for a curl operation can be cumbersome, especially if you, for example, do scripted transfers and the file sizes and transfer times vary a lot.

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  8. A fixed timeout value then needs to be set unnecessarily high to cover for worst cases. As an alternative to a fixed time-out, you can tell curl to abandon the transfer if it gets below a certain speed and stays below that threshold for a specific period of time.

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    TCP keep-alive is a feature that makes the TCP stack send a probe to the other side when there's no traffic, to make sure that it is still there and "alive". By using keep-alive, curl is much more likely to discover that the TCP connection is dead. Use --keepalive-time to specify how often in full seconds you would like the probe to get sent to the peer.

    The default value is 60 seconds. Sometimes this probing disturbs what you are doing and then you can easily disable it with --no-keepalive.