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He wanted to move up, and he was single—at least until he met and married Noreen, a waitress at the restaurant—so he spent all his off-duty hours training in the kitchen, learning to cook. Rickenbach grew up following his dad around on service checks, eating out at different Embers around the state three or four nights a week. So he stuck with it. Kristal joined the family business in the s doing marketing, but he says the jingle and the other gonzo campaigns people remember happened before his time. A lot of it hinged on price—two of everything for 99 cents! Henry claimed their Emberger Royal was the first bacon cheeseburger, and even made a pound version for the opening of one of the Embers.

Birnberg retired and sold his stake to the Kristal family, and they took the restaurants in a new direction: Embers America, a franchising program.

From Embers to a Flame – THE KEY TO CHURCH HEALTH

Joe Rickenbach was one of the first franchisers. Plus, he liked the little A-frame, which held a manageable seats. Denise did the books for a while, and the kids have all bussed, served, and even cooked. He was a big hit, and obviously he was making a lot of tips, so he just loved it.

Her advice?

Get there plenty early and try the French toast—the edges are always nice and crisp. Ours was a perfect medium rare, the meat tender and juicy with a hint of sweet smoke from the Embers sauce.

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It came on a nice, soft bun piled with American cheese, grilled onions, and a couple pieces of bacon—still a stand-up burger, even in a city full of them. It had a wonderfully tender and flakey crust, and it was fairly heaping with banana custard pudding, whip cream, and sliced bananas.

Sign up for The Growler's mailing list to receive the latest news in food, drink, and culture, and special events you won't want to miss. If you prefer to enjoy our barbecue in the comfort of your own home, we have no problem with that. Our carryout services include everything you need to enjoy a great meal, without the hassle of bringing everyone to a restaurant. If you need a large amount of food, and need help serving it, ask us about our catering services.

Come by to try our delicious southern barbecue today! Visit our barbecue restaurant in Pinole, California , for the finest in barbecue ribs, turkey, and beef for dine-in, takeout, or catering.

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Hours of Operation: Monday—Sunday, 6 a. The Embers.

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