Innovation Mojo for a Reinvented World: 10 Actions for Thriving in Your Career (article)

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Gail Forrest — September 22, 0. By Gail ForrestBaby Boomers be afraid, be very afraid.

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Advertisers are after us and they're getting too close for comfort. I try as hard…. Culture Crazy Age Calculations. If 60 is the new 40, then what is 70 or 30? Gail Forrest — September 18, 0. Peter Lindbergh passed last week. He was We photographers rarely get to meet each other, but we are very aware of what each…. Although the…. Jobs Money. Experienced Professionals and ResumesAre you in your mid-career? What does that even mean? The world is full of investment risk and, contrary to recent predictions, interest rates have not gone up, but are now falling to historic….

One of the surest ways to seem irrelevant is to be speaking about what happened in the long-ago past, especially of our work lives…. This came in recently, and we think it is a tremendous business idea — one of the best we have ever seen: Concierge Services…. YBL ybl gallery about our team press services contact newsletters More. Chip Conley: Advocate for the Modern Elder.

Andreas Tzortzis. December 10, Don't Miss. Previous article 15 Art Books for the Holidays. Next article Fashioning a New Career. Don't Miss Out! He recently returned to his hometown of San Francisco with his small family. Ron is a legend, one of the best there is. He is a photographer who often works in conflict zones. Going to these exceedingly Read more. However, the problem with asking these questions is that they focus on tactical to the exclusion of strategic. None of these questions ask, Why.

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Failure to ask and answer that question can be the single greatest oversight a leader or worker makes when it comes to work. They are the people who come in every day and get things done. Many of them are incredibly good at their work.

Then there are the people who know Why. Sure, they understand their own work, but they just seem to understand how all the pieces fit together. They are the ones who can see the forest for the trees. Often, when someone who knows How becomes highly proficient at a task, he or she begins to believe they should be promoted, or be put in the position to call the shots. The thinking goes, e. Why should I report to her or him any longer? Some are OK with just knowing and doing the How, others like to go deeper and know the Why.

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Some people just are not capable of knowing Why. Empaths, or highly sensitive leaders in the workplace, know all too well struggle of trying to balance their emotions in a world full of conflicting and intense energy. Most people would view empathy as a positive trait in an individual, but for an empath they know dark side of this innate characteristic. This gets deeply embedded into their consciousness and can drag them down…. While we need empaths, or highly sensitive people in the workplace, you also need everyone to look after themselves, too. Empaths tend to neglect themselves in order to take care of everyone else, and this is where act of kindness can quickly turn into danger in workplaces.

According to Paul Bloom; empathy can distort judgment and encourages bias, which makes leaders less effective at sound decision-making…. Be hard on workers and they will perform. Hence, leaders are told they must be more empathetic…. They can only motivate and influence people when they know them.

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Leaders, to be effective, must consider different personalities, perspectives and concerns of multiple people all at same time. Empathy is simply too constricting to effectively navigate multiple perspectives and concerns. And especially when leaders take-on workers who are; angry, disappointed, frustrated, impatience… they often become exhausted and ineffective. Though empathy is essential to leading and managing others, but failing to recognize its limits can impair individual and organizational performance.

Some of the biggest issues that limit its effectiveness in the workplace are:. But spotlights have a narrow focus and this is one problem with empathy.

It does poorly in workplaces where there are multiple worker issues, and where the effect of just one empathic action can be easily diffused. Often, when an act is performed to help one worker it can create more problems for the entire workplace… According to Paul Bloom; empathy distorts moral judgment in very much the same way that prejudice does. Empathy is good, but it must be combined with sound constructive action to have real impact.

Empathy without the skill and discipline to judge objectively and act accordingly is worth little…. People consume, consume, and yet do not realize the consequences that come with a lifestyle of reckless consumerism… According to Joseph W. Alba and Elanor F. Williams; in addition to the physiologically driven pleasures, there are many features of products that consumers find to be psychologically pleasurable.

According to Andrea Migone; the modern notion of consumerism allows individuals to express themselves through consumption.

"Living Fearlessly" with Lisa McDonald

You live in society that extols the social disease that is consumerism…. Note: Offsite storage is the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry. One third of the world population lives in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, they are responsible for 3. In the Psychology of Consumerism by David M. Carter writes: Consumerism can be a devastating psychological addiction that saps financial resources, well-being, and hope. According to Juliet Schor; the culture of consumerism has reached a critical point ; average U. Well, much to our chagrin, most of people have been brainwashed by the prevailing social consumer culture to over-consume.

Social values, attitudes, habits, and practices reflect this culture of addiction…. This is certainly the case with the cultural addiction of consumerism. You are so accustomed to the consumerist culture that you rarely stop to ruminate on the brainwash actions in consumption.

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There is a connection observed between materialism, a lack of empathy and engagement with others, and unhappiness. Research conducted over past few years seems to show causation: As people become more materialistic, their well-being in terms of— good relationships, interdependence, sense of purpose and peace of mind diminishes. As they become less materialistic, it rises. People are more materialistic because they give less importance to emotions and feelings and creating more room for material things. The less you care about emotions, the more materialism dominates the mind…. Then imagine life with— more clean air, more clean water , more resources… Imagine creating more than you consume, and giving more than you take….

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Leaders without vision fail.