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Every year the church commemorates victims of the 4 June protests in , which were forcibly put down by the Chinese military. Wang and Early Rain belong to what some see as a new generation of Christians that has emerged alongside a growing civil rights movement.

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Increasingly, activist church leaders have taken inspiration from the democratising role the church played in eastern European countries in the Soviet bloc or South Korea under martial law, according to Lian. As of , the government has implemented sweeping rules on religious practices, adding more requirements for religious groups and barring unapproved organisations from engaging in any religious activity. But the campaign is not just about managing behaviour. Bibles, sales of which have always been controlled in China, are no longer available for purchase online, a loophole that had existed for years.

In December, Christmas celebrations were banned in several schools and cities across China. In Chengdu, Early Rain has not vanished. Before the raid, a plan was in place to preserve the church, with those who were not arrested expected to keep it running, holding meetings wherever they could. Slowly, more Early Rain members are being released.


As of 9 January, 25 were still in detention. They maintain contact through encrypted platforms.

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Others gather in small groups in restaurants and parks. One member, a student who was sent back to Guangzhou, said he preaches the gospel to the police who monitor him. The church continues to send out daily scripture and posts videos of sermons. Therefore they are doomed to lose this war. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics China The Observer. Religion Christianity Asia Pacific features. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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As such, God the Father loves us no less than he does his own eternal Son. This love is the love of all loves: it is indissoluble, it brooks no opposition, and is endlessly and everlastingly life giving and joyful. In Christ, we really and truly are the sons and daughters of God forever. In this accessible introduction, Johnson argues that this neglected doctrine is the lens through which all other facets of salvation should be understood.

The reality of salvation and the reality of the church are in fact one and the same reality. To be united to Christ is what it means to be saved. At the same time, to be united to Christ is what it means to be the church: the church, after all, is the body and bride of Christ. A distinction, therefore, between a doctrine of salvation and a doctrine of the church can only be but artificial.

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There is no salvation outside the church, historic evangelicals have always asserted, just exactly because there is no salvation outside of Christ. We are saved in Christ , and we are the church in Christ. It is the same wonderful gospel. In the waters of baptism, God impresses upon our bodies the truth and reality of our incorporation into the death, burial and resurrection of the living Christ.

Christ brought us into the eternal life that he is by giving us himself, and he continues to nourish and sustain us through his real presence. We have really and truly become one with Christ through his gospel, and we continue to receive Christ through the gospel of bread and wine that he has ordained as means of his ongoing presence to his body and bride.

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And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ? Yes, indeed. His body and blood, our salvation. Along with writing his doctoral dissertation on union with Christ in the theology of John Calvin, he is also the author of One with Christ: An Evangelical Theology of Salvation and the coauthor with John C.

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Found in Him Elyse Fitzpatrick. Welcome to the Story Stephen J. God Is Mark Jones. Sign In. The Bible contains an astonishing number of terms, expressions and images that bear witness to the reality of our being made one with Christ Jesus.

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When we are joined to Jesus, we are included in the greatest mystery of the universe—the incarnation of God. Our union with Christ is profoundly real and intensely intimate. Because union with Christ is so central to the gospel, it has resonated in the teaching and preaching of the Church throughout the ages. Crossway is a not-for-profit Christian ministry that exists solely for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel through publishing gospel-centered, Bible-centered content.